Rotastak Creepy Castle

Rotastak Creepy Castle Hamster Cage The Perfect Home For Your Pet


Rotastak Creepy Castle

If you are looking for the perfect home for your pet then the Rotastak Creepy Castle Hamster Cage is the way to go.

This cage is a spacious and roomy home for your hamster, it comprises of a main living area as well as an upstairs living area topped off with 4 loft spaces.

Also included are numerous pieces of tubing and locks to secure them together to allow you to create a fun filled adventure playground that will delight your pet and keep it entertained for days.

When it does get bored you can just rearrange the tubing to give it a totally different layout so that you pet can start exploring all over again, just as it would in the wild.

The rotastak creepy castle comes complete with running wheel, water bottle, main and upper living areas as well as glow in the dark top compartments that enable you to watch your pet as it goes exploring, even in the dark.

Rotastak Creepy Castle Hamster Cagerotastak creepy castle

What you will receive when you purchase a Rotastak Creepy Castle.

All rotastak hamster cage consist of several main parts that fit together to create the finished pet home.

The main unit of the creepy castle is called "The Great Hall", it has a lid which allows for easy-access.

On the upper floor is a large round room, this also has an easy-access lid.

4 x attic bedrooms which rotastak have named "Watch Towers" (some earlier models come with 3 bedrooms)

A transport unit known as "The Guard Post"

An assortment of tubes and tunnels that connect together to make "Secret Passageways"

Also included with the parts mentioned above is a water bottle, exercise wheel and glow in the dark stickers.

Assembly is a case of simply pushing together the various parts to form a snug fit, to dismantle it is just a matter pulling apart to separate.

Cleaning your creepy castle is effortless, simply wash in warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly and dry completely, then you just reassemble.




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