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Buying your first cage

Rotastak manufacture a wide range of hamster cages that are suitable as homes for other small rodents such as rats, mice and gerbils. Due to the Rotastak unique design features you can build an completely extendable world simply by joining the various extensions which can be purchased seperately as needed.

Another great advantage of the Rotastak system is that the pet owner can alter the size, shape or design of the cage so that their pet is kept occupied exploring the new and interesting areas that are created.

Rotastak hamster cages are generally accepted as being amongst the very best of homes for small rodents, but before you make your purchase there are a few points to take into account to ensure that you get the best possible cage for your pet.

1, Make sure you are getting one that is big enough, in actual fact you can never have a cage that is too big, but space constraints often dictate the size of a cage purchased. A cage that is too small can often lead to the animal suffering both physically and mentally.

2, Ease of cleaning should be a big factor in deciding on the type of cage to buy, Rotastak hamster cages are one of the easiest cages to clean, mainly due the their unique clip together design.

3, Safety is another big issue to be considered when buying a cage, the cage should be secure both from within and out. The inhabitants should not be able to escape nor should possible predators be able to enter the cage with ease.

Before you make your purchase why not check out what a great range of Rotastak hamster cages are on offer at Amazon below, with such a wide variety and with prices to suit all pockets, you are sure to find something of interest.



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